Reviews by Bookbird
An amazing book of what happens if you live in a town of fairy-tale characters, and your family is in the detective business, solving magical cases. I was delighted when I recognized many fairy tale characters whose stories I have read. I recommend this book to everyone!
Nice Book
I found this a fairly interesting tale of trying to do four tasks before dying. Meg is a nice person, just with the bad luck to have a rotten step-father for her only family. She was at first only caring to get into heaven, but changed to care more for the person she's trying to help. Worth reading.
A really good book. Bonus: Recipes!
I liked how the main character uses cooking/her talent as a way to express herself. Funny bits are included too:)
so funny... too bad for Geronimo, he has a copy running around and getting him blamed for stuff! 6th book
Really noble...
I think this book was ok. I was a little annoyed at how Sara was so very self-sacrificing as to give away her food when she was starving. It's not an accurate reflection of how all little girls behave. I compare her to Anne of Green Gables. Both have active imaginations and don't always know what to say, but are nice girls who are very well-meaning at heart. Try this book and compare yourself with her...