Reviews by Bookbird
Secret of Jimmy's girlfriend revealed! It was funny how much Conan had to run:)
Then you have the Night Baron case, dangerous....
Lastly, the Bride's Death(nearly). I was so sad when I found out who did it.
Really good book/manga. For the mystery fans! Read this!
1. Solution to the man shot dead at the festival revealed. The incriminating evidence was an item I didn't suspect....
2. Moon Shadow/Tsukikage Island mystery was the main mystery. The solution required outside-of-the-box thinking. I was quite surprised at the murderer, thbough not at the motive
3. For Jimmy to have a girlfriend was suspicious, and I felt that Rachel should have investigated more...
Some of the solutions were so simple and yet never suspected. I was kinda annoyed that they changed the main characters' names. The names of the other characters in the various crimes were unchanged, which I found gratifying. Overall, a good book in the mystery series.
2.5 Cases:
1. The bandaged man in the villa
2. Karaoke Box Murder
0.5. mysterious masked man and woman who knows about Conan's true identity!
I think this is a really good book, with easy recipies that anyone an make. There's also cute manga characters and references to various manga, such as Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and Fruit Basket!