Reviews by Bookbird
Read this!
Wonderful clamp book! I highly recommend to people who like adventure, fantasy,manga,CLAMP,and cute rabbit-like creatures named Mokona!
Here they come...
As the title suggests, the Evil is here...
Wonderful book/READ IT. :)
but not before the first two books
All for the Skeleton!
here we have a living skeleton! magic! adventure! Evil people who want to destroy the world! I recommend this!
Can't think of a title, but..
This is a good book. The mystery isn't Sherlock Homes style/mainly focused on mystery, but you should read this! There's lots of action, humor, evil people, and a grotesque monster involved :)
Good book. Fairies in NYC!!! Oh, and some betrayal, the ever present danger, and mysterious circumstances along with an injury to the mighty Puck... New fairy tale characters!