Reviews by Bookbird
Beans huh?
Garfield is so funny and gluttonous, it's hard to imagine him spilling his precious food :)
The ever hilarious Garfield! It's great to see him in color:)
If you think about it, his cooking skills can't be that bad..... Sandwiches are acceptable
a really good book that yields lots of material for essays.
4 stories ( about)
Surprise! A new character introduced in this book! I was quite shocked when they revealed the identity...
As for the cases here, Conan doesn't seem to be having much trouble once he figures out the trick.
The Tengu case took up 1/3 of the book, and the myth wasn't actually that scary to me. That's probably because there are no mountains nearby....
Easy read
It's about baking, pie, a cat, possible crimes. Since this is for elementary readers there isn't much interesting deducting going on. Older readers read this only if you like to look at the pie recipies at the end of each chapter, and if you don't have anything else to read. I wouldn't say this is bad, but it isn't a very exciting read to me.