Reviews by Jacy
Sing You Home
This is a standard Picoult book. Actually, I think it may have been slightly substandard. The drama was all a bit too contrived, particularly with Max and Liddy. Also, every time Max has one drink something horrible happens! He never starts drinking again just a little here and there until he realizes what he's doing. I swear if he had so much as used mouthwash, he was going to slice off his finger or something else tragic would have occurred. There are plenty of complaints that can be made about this book (the cop out ending for example) but at the end of the day, the book is super easy to read and entertaining enough. Even with the cancer and infertility ad alcoholism, it isn't really a downer.

I also want to add, I read a couple reviews before this about how the book implies "all lesbians are awesome parents who poop rainbows" and "all religious people are zealots who want to steal babies and follow cult leaders". While Reid and Liddy aren't well developed at all, I never got the sense the book was saying they were fundamentally horrible human beings. Clyde maybe. The lawyer maybe. But the (small amount we saw of) the rest of the congregation? Just people looking for love and acceptance, the same as everyone else. And they found it.
Going to school
This kit has several books, a dvd and a folder with activities. It has been an excellent resource in helping my child prepare for kindergarten
Éste no es mi dragón--
Éste no es mi dragón has a different texture on every page. the repetitiveness is good for young kids to learn.
Éste no es mi tren
Éste no es mi tren is a tactile book thats great for young kids. We use these books to learn spanish
Busytown is a staple in our house and my daughter enjoyed seeing familiar characters using spanish