Reviews by khaddrill
The book was mediocre. It had a great message about outer beauty not mattering, but what's inside that counts (a little cliche, but good all the same). But the actual story, well... it was very weird. It was also a bit cheesy in some places. Not one of the world's most aspiring books, but if you can get past the craziness, it's fairly interesting.
Upsetting and Bad :(
This sequel doesn't live up to the first book. The first novel was really neat, exciting and cool, but this book just angered me. America was so whiny, always crying and very indecisive. She would keep switching her mind about which guy to choose based on all these stupid reasons. I mean come on, nobody's perfect! She became irrational and a little crazy towards the end.
I really hate to right a bad review about this book because the author seems so nice, funny and cool based on her website and youtube channel, but this book was a disappointment. Not to mention that the whole two guy, needing to make a choice concept is very cliche.
Even though I didn't like this book, I plan to read the third book when it comes out in hope that the author can pick the series back up.
This book is really cute! I enjoyed it a lot! I loved how the author combined 5 (maybe more-I lost track) fairy tales into one story. Some fairy tale themes were only background info, but it was really cool how the author made it all fit.
A truly great read!
Lol! Even though this book was filled with the strangest stories, I found them really enjoyable and good. This is a great book if you want a light read.
Warning: Don't read this book if you dislike reading about kissing (Obliviously). =)
It was okay, but not nearly as good as the cartoon TV series.