Reviews by khaddrill
The central theme of this movie was cute. It was fairly funny, though there were some comments that were jut plain weird/creepy. I thought the ending was very bittersweet.
This book is truly amazing. This series is literally my favorite book series ever. Celaena is witty, sarcastic, funny, all while being kick butt at the same time. I actually own this book and I've loaned it to 8 of my friends, all of them saying that they loved it.
Despite the other reviews claiming that the plot slow, I'd have to disagree. Every scene in the book has a purpose, whether it be character development, relationship building, revealing hints, or simply pushing the plot forward. I would also like to argue that while Celaena's personality may come off a little conflicting, that people act differently in different situations and that everyone as different sides to them. I believe that the multiple sides of Celaena revealed in the book reflect great depth in Maas's writing.
I would also like to address that the plot is not simply about a fight to the death. The competition to be the King's Champion was not intended to death among the participants, but with a killer/beast on the loose, some of the competitors are murdered.
Throne of Glass is the first in a series of 6 (though sadly there are only 3 books out currently). There is also a book of short stories set before Throne Of Glass (where you discover how she got captured and sent to the salt mines).
This book is incredible. I recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy, action, or romance.
The book was mediocre. It had a great message about outer beauty not mattering, but what's inside that counts (a little cliche, but good all the same). But the actual story, well... it was very weird. It was also a bit cheesy in some places. Not one of the world's most aspiring books, but if you can get past the craziness, it's fairly interesting.
Upsetting and Bad :(
This sequel doesn't live up to the first book. The first novel was really neat, exciting and cool, but this book just angered me. America was so whiny, always crying and very indecisive. She would keep switching her mind about which guy to choose based on all these stupid reasons. I mean come on, nobody's perfect! She became irrational and a little crazy towards the end.
I really hate to write a bad review about this book because the author seems so nice, funny and cool based on her website and youtube channel, but this book was a disappointment. Not to mention that the whole love triangle concept is very cliche.
Even though I didn't like this book, I plan to read the third book when it comes out in hope that the author can pick the series back up.
This book is really cute! I enjoyed it a lot! I loved how the author combined 5 (maybe more-I lost track) fairy tales into one story. Some fairy tale themes were only background info, but it was really cool how the author made it all fit.
A truly great read!