Reviews by Daniel Saltzman
Visually stunning... but that's about it
Avatar, particularly in 3D, was a stunning, beautiful film that has caused many viewers to feel that our world is drab in comparison. But aside from its visual effects and soundtrack, Avatar isn't really that groundbreaking a film, despite its record-setting box office sales. The plot is simple and grossly unoriginal, with multiple plot holes the size of Texas and only a sliver of background information. The characters are mostly one or two-dimensional, their behavior predictable based on their opening lines.

But who cares when there are all these pretty colors? Oooooooooooooh...
Cute and sweet, with a dash of deeper meaning
Beautiful animation with some sweet, but slightly cheesy, kid-safe romance, some action and drama, and a happy ending with an environmental undertone throughout the film. Predictable story, but the protagonist is lovable and memorable, and the story isn't a bad one. This movie is also achingly cute.
This is a very entertaining, BEAUTIFULLY illustrated book about how the creation of the world REALLY took place. Recommended for all!
Memorable and informative with great action scenes.
Very moving
There is a reason this movie beat out Avatar at the 2010 Academy Awards- it inspires emotions through more than pretty pictures and is original. Not for the faint of heart, this movie bluntly explores some of what it means to be in EOD in the Middle East, without being colored by propaganda or throwing in pointless side plots to please viewers. Watch it, but keep your 10 year-old in their room.