Reviews by ErinDurrett
Somewhat Funny
Well gee...where do I begin with this book? I liked it, probably because I like murder mysteries even if this wasn't the best one, because it's a rom com murder mystery, like its predecessors. And I usually enjoy the rom com parts too, but this one simultaneously intrigued and annoyed me. You know when a romance has been dragged out too long that by the time the couple gets together you shout "Finally!"? Yeah, this book did not elicit that reaction. I believe it was more along the lines of "Whatever" with a big eye roll. The scenes between Jamie and Max were not very exciting. His controlling nature was starting to tick me off in an extreme way. I have had enough of controlling male leads from Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey to last me a lifetime, thank you. A pet peeve of mine is when characters refer to fearing for the others safety as a means of not allowing them to live their lives. Helloooo? I am more likely to be killed in a car accident than be murdered by a serial killer. Just sayin' The best features for me was the murder mystery involving personal ads, the new lingerie shop in town (opened by a former librarian ;) ), Destiny the psychic and her not-yet-crossed-over-ghost pal Ronnie, Dee Dee and Beanie and all their utter ridiculousness and of course Fleas and his ice cream eating ways. Another major issue for me was Vera. I bet there are fans of this series out there that love her, but seriously when is it acceptable for a mother figure to call her surrogate daughter a slut, be super judgmental and a hypocrite to boot? Her character is meant to be a means of comic relief and for me at least, always falls flat of the mark. It occurred to me the reason I enjoyed the previous book so much was because Vera was not strictly in it. If you like the series, go for it, maybe Full Blast will leave a better taste in your mouth than it did mine.
Prequel Released
Angeline Dudley, sister to the Duke of Tresham, is naïve and youthfully exuberant to the point of disapproval by this year’s most eligible bachelor, the Earl of Heywood. After his brother is killed in a curricle race, Edward is happy to do his familial duty of taking over as earl and doing what is proper: marrying and procuring heirs. Angeline, having met Edward's good friend Eunice Goddard, is determined in her scheme to see the two of them married. Little does she realize that there is a plot to see her settled with the stodgy, stick in the mud earl.

While Balogh’s novels are not fast paced, they have fantastic characterization and landscaping for novels of the romance genre. The storylines are developed enough to be believable and contain charm and wit to boot. Balogh is best known for her "Slightly" series about the Bedwyn family, the "Simply" series and her books about the Huxtable family.
I agree with jaegerla, the chameleon was a great addition to this well developed film. I was a big fan of Rapunzel in this film, making lemonade out of the huge lemon of never being able to leave her tower. She read, painted, did chores, was a very hard-working girl. And another aspect of this film I found fascinating was the fact that she actually loved the old shrew that imprisoned her, because I always assumed from the fairytale versions that there was no love between Rapunzel and the old shrew. It was also clever of Disney to make her the long lost princess and the man who ends up finding her, a poor thief whom she falls in love with. I was also amused by the attitude of this young man, he was rather silly and arrogant and tried to charm the much too smart Rapunzel. This film was a lot of fun, from beginning to end, made more so with the addition of the chameleon and the imperial horse, who goes to great lengths to track down the thief. This is a film that will be enjoyed by all ages.
Somewhat Decent Film
I have to admit that this wasn't that bad of a film. I was hoping to like it more than I did, but that is because I think it is marketed as a comedy, and I would consider it more of a serious film with some humor throughout. I personally don't like when they market films a certain way, but the film itself has a completely different tone. I think this happens a lot with dramedies, a film is marketed as a comedy, but is much more a dramatic film, such as the Bill Murray film Lost in Translation.
**Spoiler Alert**
This film is about Reese Witherspoon's character dealing with the fact that she no longer has a softball career and is not positive of the direction she's moving in. She dates Owen Wilson, a wealthy insensitive baseball player who falls in love with her, and Paul Rudd, a man who is about to be indicted for fraud that his father Jack Nicholson, is responsible for. Overall, this film does have some comedic moments and some touching ones, but because of my lack of preparation to watch such a serious film, I've rated it 3.5 stars (see? I'm being nice). Unless you are looking for a dramedy to watch and enjoy the actors in this film, this one can be missed. (P.S. Can someone please explain the appeal of Paul Rudd? I have liked some films he's been in, but I can't stand when they cast him as a whiny character, which if you ask me, frequently happens.)
Plesantly surprised by Burlesque
I finally got around to watching this movie a few nights ago and have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. I admit to wanting to have seen it since trailers of the film were released and an OPI nail polish line inspired by the film was launched. (The polishes are great, especially the shimmers.) Anyways, after time, I had heard some not so great reviews and became less eager to watch the film. If you enjoy dancing, music, flash and flair, and burlesque shows (which I always have) then you don't want to miss this film. The story itself is familiar and used; girl works as a waitress in a small town, has big aspirations to be a "star," finally makes her way into a club when she gets a chance, has two choose between two guys, and helps the club owner save the club from going under. However, the singing and dancing is fresh and fun, and the small town girl is Christina Aguilera, the two guys she has to choose between are Cam Gigandet and Eric Dane, and the club owners are Cher and Peter Gallagher (plus her stage manager Stanley Tucci). The cast is fantastic, and the music, dance, and costumes will win almost everyone over. Also, it was interesting to see Kristen Bell as the bad girl in a film for once. This film is definitely one you should check out.