Reviews by princesslydia
Smokey is the Best!
I read this book a couple years ago and fell in love with Smokey's storytelling. The stories in here are told in such a way that make me feel like I'm there!
I got the chance to see Smokey at Freedom Hill Amphitheater in August 2013. I couldn't (and still can't) believe how young he looked and how well he moved!
I love you, Smokey!
Not What I Expected
When I received this CD from the library, I was not happy with the jazzed-up rendition of Frank's classic "Night and Day." I was so unhappy that I wanted to damage the case! WARNING: DON'T LISTEN TO "Night and Day" IF YOU ARE EXPECTING TO HEAR IT AT ITS ORIGINAL SLOW TEMPO!
Moon River and Me
The year that this book came out (2009), I read through it once and wasn't very interested in it. Then, when Andy died on September 25th, 2012, I really wanted to read the book again. Now, I can't put it down! When I went to the Moon River Theatre in Branson, Missouri, over the last Thanksgiving Break, I saw that they were selling autographed copies for over $100! I can't wait until I return to Branson so I could buy an autographed copy!
Perfect Music To Sing To!
I love "Mistletoe"! I love singing to it. I've had mixed feelings about Justin, but I got this when I was in my "I LOVE JUSTIN" phase!
Perfect Music To Choreograph To!
I checked this CD out months ago and made a dance routine to "Canadian Sunset." I was at a "Teenage-Girls-Night-Out" party recently and I told a worker that I could teach them my routine. The problem was that I didn't have the CD! Still, the dance went okay and I told her that I'd bring it to the next party so we can have background music!