Reviews by brielle
Failed in my book.
Kate Winters, a high school student, moves to Eden, Michigan so that her sick mother can die in her hometown. Through a complex series of mishaps, she meets Henry and agrees to go through a series of tests to try and save her mother’s life and the fate of the underworld. If she passes, Kate’ll become Henry’s wife. Kate agrees to do her best, but there are two catches – every other girl who has taken the test died and Henry’s still in love with his last wife.

While I finished this book, the plot was extremely weak. Mostly the book is about Kate angsting... for more than 100 pages. The characters were really flat, and there were too many happenstances for anything to really be explained. I would not recommend this book, but somehow it hooked me enough to read the sequel.
Piece of Pie
In Shannon Hale’s The Actor and the Housewife, Becky Jack, a Mormon housewife from Utah, meats Felix Callahan, a chick flick heart throb, and the two become best friends. They stay friends through mutual misunderstandings and snuffs, and both help each other through life’s struggles.

I enjoyed this book. It was sweet and funny. I read it because it was by Shannon Hale, and I definitely wasn't disappointed, but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had kids. Or was married. Or in any way related to the heroine. It didn't have the ending that I wanted or was expecting, but it was probably more realistic for all of that. It was sad and adorable, but not my favorite of Hale’s books. IT ISN’T A FAIRY TALE STORY, so be aware of that. Um, I’m trying not to spoil, so I'll be done now...
2nd time's as good as the first
I totally forgot that I watched this movie, but it was sweet again the second time I watched it. I found myself fast forwarding through some awkward parts (break ups, etc.), but the ending was sweet. It's a nice rom com, but it's definitely not my favorite. It's bittersweet take on love is a bit like (500) Days of Summer, but this one isn't quite as quirky and adorable. I really only kept watching it for Gigi and Alex's storyline, probably because I couldn't really relate to the others. Anyway, I gave it 3.5 stars. Enjoy!
Good Sequel
While I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first in the series, it was enjoyable enough to encourage me to read the third. I wasn't super impressed with the clues to the mystery, but there definitely was intrigue. I also just love Mary's problems; she's not perfect, but she certainly tries. Go girl power!
I watched this movie for the first time the night when my sister was born ( I was two). The movie is probably better now, at age 17, than it was then. I really love the muses and the colored skin tones for the gods. I love Meg and Herc's romance, and I love Hade's sidekicks. It's cute and quirky, with elements of "modern day." I sort of think this is great. Um. Watch it! Also, Herc's character development is phenomenal. So there.