Reviews by brielle
Sequels don't always suck!
Meg Cabot's Heather Wells mysteries are divine. The mysteries are set up well - there is suspense, and the criminal isn't obvious. There's a healthy dose of chick lit mixed in. Enjoy!
Wonderful Trequel
I am sort of in love with this series. Heather Wells's mysteries are entertaining, unpredictable, and charming.

In this installment, Heather's temporary boss Owen, is shot through the head. Heather has to find who really did it, clear Sarah's crush Sebastian's name, and figure out if she's really happy with her new boyfriend Tod.
Cute but Bland
I liked what I saw of this movie, but I wasn't intrigued enough to finish the movie.
Good Book
Meg Cabot is a marvelous writer. I think this is the first "adult" book that I've read of hers, and it is just as good as her others. This mystery is set up well - the clues were dispersed and I never felt confused or like I already knew what would happen. There was also enough emotional side plot, relating to Heather's relationships and ex-pop star status too keep me entertained. While this is an adult book and Heather sleeps with someone, it wasn't graphic or a romance. Just fyi.
This book is charming. I simply adore fairy tale retellings and mash-ups, and this is the first new one I've found in a while. Sunday and her family are quirky and interesting, and the many fairy tale stories that manage to be tied in kept me entertained. I definitely recommend this book.