Reviews by brielle
There is a reason this movie isn't a favorite.
While this movie is quirky and cute - well, Mary is quirky and cute - it is slow and flat and not funny. There isn't really a romance, and the circumstances of the film are a bit too, bizarre. So... if you're utterly bored, watch it. Otherwise, go ride a bike.
This series is good enough for me to have followed it through to the 3rd book, but not good enough to rant about.
This book is wonderful. I read it a while after I read Divergent, so it was sort of hard to remember what was going on and get into the story, but after 50 pages or so I was fully invested in the story. This book is exciting and reading it you get to know more about Tris's society. The "dystopian craze" is beginning to fade, and this book is a welcome revival.
I don't understand?
I know a lot of people who swear by Doctor Who but... I watched this DVD and don't get it yet. It's entertaining, sure, but also kind of creepy and terrifying. I guess I should have known... I normally go for funny TV shows. It's a decent show, but it isn't a 'laugh all the way through' kind of show. The problem might also be that I started at a bad place? I don't know. Anyway.

I found the Doctor's background intriguing, but there wasn't quite enough revealed to catch me.

We'll see if I watch any more...
Fantastic Sequel
I really super uber enjoyed "The Name of the Wind," and as soon as I finished it I requested this book, the sequel to it. It is a bit more promiscuous that the first, so be aware, but it was just as enjoyable.