Reviews by brielle
This was a cute, quick, pink-lit read. :)
This book is great. I made my mom read it to me while she peeled clementines for me to eat. Wonderful bedtime read.
The movie was good, but their time in the forest dragged on and on.... It was pretty close to the book, though.
Middle Grade?
While I enjoyed this book, it sort of read like a middle grade novel. Despite the written ages of 16 for all the teen characters and their ability to drive, Katrina especially seemed to be more family-oriented and confused than angsty or controlled (things I consider more teen).
Pink, Shiny, and Adorable
This book is absolutely adorable! The summary really gets at the heart of it - it's about three best friends who magically get sucked into the world of fashion and live a sweet exciting life.

My favorite part was the clothing descriptions - they were beautiful and silky and floaty and sparkly and made me feel like I was walking through a ballet costume museum or something else equally lovely.

I didn't really like Nonie, Edie, or Jenny, mostly 'cause the life they were living was slightly too absurd. I mean, what kind of person knows a "movie star" and a "famous blogger" and is still trying to pull of normal teenager with dreams? I guess if you're famous (or the like) you're more likely to know other people who are also famous, but at the same time what the heck. When everyone has unique, unrelated talents that are super, any story becomes odd. I guess you just have to look at it as a fairy tale or a dream world or something of the like. If you do, you're definitely able to enjoy it.

I love Crow. She's fabulously quirky and I'm insanely jealous of her skills.