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Read A Book. Any Book.
A story of a female Peter Pan. Don't wanna grow up. An adult hanging out with high school kids. Not funny.
Aldrete certainly knows his ...
» but he seems almost borderline hyperactive and can't keep his hands still. Or his feet. Perhaps he was just nervous. All things considered this is a pretty trivial criticism but his constant flamboyant gestures were distracting. I learned to watch "out of the corner of my eye," basically looking away when he was on-screen but paying attention to his graphics. I've had a life-long interest in military history but this guy showed me how much I still have to learn.
A Complete Waste Of Time
There is absolutely nothing of merit, nothing of interest in this.
Great Propoganda!
I'm really not sure why I wanted to see this in the first place. Perhaps curious because I noticed it had gotten quite a number of awards and nominations. And a well-done series it is. But why on Earth a series in which the "good guys" are Soviet spies? Not just gatherers of secret information, but "operatives" who ruthlessly kidnap and murder. Good family people, of course, good-looking, nice kids, all the same problems the rest of us have. Good neighbors. Great values. Patriotic, self-sacrificing. People just like us. And our counter-intelligence people (the bad guys) are certainly no better than they are. As they show us. Great propaganda for the "moral equivalence" of the US and the USSR. That whole Cold War thing was just ... well, a mistake. Ours, of course.
If you have a strong stomach or are just plain naïve, you can watch the extra feature about the morality of the series. All about the "grays," the "layering" and moral ambiguities, about how it is to look at things from the other side and how noble these Soviet spies are, how what they do is for some greater good.("The end justifies the means." Karl Marx.)
So watch it if you want but it made me want to throw up. And no, I didn't finish it.
Incredibly, I mean INCREDIBLY wierd.
I don't know who was more stoned, the screenwriters or the investors.