Reviews by GJBarnett2
Inaccurate and unreliable
Great idea, poor execution. Found many mistakes of fact, not opinion, that would have been obvious to an editor with even a rudimentary familiarity with the subject. E.g. in a section titled "Hitler's Batleships" there was no mention of the pre-Dreadnaught "Pommern" which fired the fired the first shots of WWII. Similarly, referred to all 7 post-WWI "battleships" as panzerschiffe (armored ships) which was what they called the 3 "pocket battleships." Failed to mention the name -change from Deutschland to Lutzow; Claimed the guns on German battleships were "as big as any" but the largest were 15" and some American, British and Japanese battleships had guns of 16" to 18". On another page, the caliber of the Russian M1938 Mosin-Nagant carbine was listed as 6.5mm Arisaka, a Japanese cartridge rather than the 7.62x52R it was actually chambered for.
I'm sure the vast majority of the data in this book is at least reasonably accurate ... but which? And how do you tell if you're using this book as the source? Since these and other errors were noted on a quick leaf-through, there must be many more inaccuracies, too many to allow this to be a reliable reference.
Hard to understand.
Churchill said that the British and the Americans are two peoples separated by a common language. That's certainly true of Scottish and American English. Whether they have the accents, or we do, this film is almost incomprehensible.
My mistake
This is not, as I had expected it to be, about a British agent in wartime France but rather an interminable biography of a lovely but somewhat directionless woman who was interned there by the Nazis. Not all that interesting for what it was, let alone what it wasn't, and definitely not worth the time to read.
A Complete Waste Of Time
A broken promise. No "new scientific evidence that Hitler escaped Nazi Germany." The only "new" scientific evidence is that a skull fragment with a bullet hole kept in Soviet archives and believed to be Hitler's, was proven through DNA evidence to be from a woman. So this is not scientific evidence that Hitler committed suicide, but it is also not evidence that he didn't. It is just a piece of somebody else's skull with a bullet hole in it. Otherwise just old conspiracy theories: many inconsistent reports of Hitler's death, all of which can't be true (but that doesn't establish that all are false). As for the best-known theory that Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide in the Fuhrerbunker and that their bodies were cremated using gasoline, says the author, witness statements are inconsistent, Stalin, Eisenhower and J. Edgar Hoover all believed Hitler had escaped, and there is no definitive scientific proof that he died in Berlin. But the absence of evidence that Hitler died in Berlin is not evidence that he didn't. Otherwise, the book is just a re-hash of theories that he fled to Argentina by submarine and had plastic surgery during the voyage. (Come now, really? Delicate plastic surgery aboard a U-Boat!) Billions of dollars were sent to South America by the Nazis, there were large flourishing German communities in Argentina where Hitler could have been sheltered., Two U-boats turned-up in Argentina months after the German surrender and the belief is widespread in Argentina that Hitler made his way there Some Nazi war criminals, notably Eichmann, Mengele and Priebke certainly did flee to South America and some may still be alive but there has never been publically revealed any actual evidence that Hitler was among them. Just speculation. The real truth, or course, is that Hitler was the shooter on the Grassy Knoll who actually shot Kennedy. Everybody knows that.
Pretty predictable but ...
... still some good surprises. Not worth $10 in a theatre but definitely a good rental for a cold winter night in front of a fireplace. Several full scale "laugh out louds."