Reviews by wendylv
More than Okay
I loved the story, the characters, and the interwoven themes. The arc of the story and the way the pieces all fell into place was really magical. I believe you can head over to the Hatcher Graduate Library at U of M and see a copy of Audubon's book. And they turn the page every week, too.
Great book for kids and adults.
We love this movie!
Poor, poor Roddy, stuck in his own potty! This movie is clever and charming and a lot of fun.
One of the best
Smart, independent, and courageous, Belle is a Disney princess you can be proud of. Some of the best Disney songs ever are in this movie.
These stories are great for a long car ride and Ben Kingsley is excellent. Highly recommended!
This is a charming story with lovely songs. You'll be saying "The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain" for days!