Reviews by KathyD
Not for parents
As a parent, I have been catching up on series my kids are reading. I can see why some kids would like this series and think it funny. However, there were a few incidents that reminded me too much of real-life horrific things that I wasn't able to enjoy it and won't be reading anymore.
If you miss the show
This is a play-by-play of the first third of the show's run, with a chapter for each episode. It offers behind-the-scenes comments, the recipes, and the key facts from each show. The extra insight on each episode is the next-best thing to new episodes if you miss Good Eats.
A stand-alone thriller from David Rosenfeldt. Police chief in small town trying to find a serial killer who planted predictions of his victims in a time capsule. Not as funny as his lawyer/dog series.
Interesting story but unlikeable characters
As always, Sharyn McCrumb writes a powerful story. It is interesting to see how she took a tale from a song, did historical research, and developed a plausible version of events. However, most of the characters are unlikeable which is why I gave it only 3 stars.
Great 3rd book in series
Cress is a great addition to the continuing series that takes traditional elements from fairy tales and sets them in future earth being challenged by the evil Lunar queen. Following twists on Cinderella and Red Riding Hood in the first two books, this one uses Rapunzel, replacing the tower with a satellite (not equipped with scissors). It's fun to see how the characters from different tales get together. Although each heroine will probably end up with her true love because it's a fairy tale, the traditional plotlines are somewhat balanced by the heroines being a mechanic, pilot, and hacker. The heroes do include one emperor; the others are an AWOL pilot and mutated wolf/guard.

Make sure you read them in order-not enough background to follow if you start with this one. Final and fourth book in series (Winter) is planned for Nov 2015.