Reviews by KathyD
Another completely normal fantasy world
Enjoyed the second book in this series as well as the first. I love how Charlaine Harris makes supernatural characters plunked into a small southern town (well, crossroads) seem completely plausible. Several characters from Sookie's world make cameos.
Extra backstory while waiting for #4
This book was a nice surprise to find in the catalog as I was checking to see when the 4th Lunar Chronicle, Winter, would be coming out. The backstory about the evil Lunar Queen Levana that we learned about in the first three books is filled out and presented from the queen's point of view. Interesting to see some of the previously mentioned events from her point of view.
Good follow-up
I was a little wary of a new Margaret Truman book appearing after her death, as my experience with other series continued after the author's death has been disappointing. But this is a pretty good addition to the Washington DC mystery series by Donald Bain; he offers the insider perspective and does a good job keeping Mac an Annabel's personalities consistent.
Becoming an emperor
Set in a world of goblins and elves, Maia unexpectedly leaves banishment to become a mixed-race emperor, figuring out things along the way. A compelling story that keeps you saying "just one more chapter", despite only a handful of chapters with "action". Good choice for young advanced readers who have outgrown the kids' section (would get a PG movie rating). Nominated for a 2014 Nebula award.
I didn't notice until the end that there's a visitor's guide to the kingdom and list of names that might have made it easier to keep track of the characters and titles along the way.
Not for parents
As a parent, I have been catching up on series my kids are reading. I can see why some kids would like this series and think it funny. However, there were a few incidents that reminded me too much of real-life horrific things that I wasn't able to enjoy it and won't be reading anymore.