Reviews by markwells
She can act!
I'm not familiar with the play but I thought there was enough amusement in this tale of grief to keep me engaged. Nicole Kidman is a pleasure to behold as she once again cements her standing as one of the great actors of our time.
This movie slowly grabbed me but then wouldn't let go. This was a great vehicle for Natalie Portman. The pace accelerates up to the ending that ties a bow around this taut psycho thrill ride.
I enjoyed The Social Network. I found it interesting to see how a 25 billion dollar enterprise came into being. I like the premise that Facebook was basically born out of three things: computer skills, female rejection, and alcohol. What the movie lacks is a character that one empathizes with. Maybe in this true story there truly isn't a hero and maybe I'm old fashion thinking a movie should have a hero but am I the only one who just couldn't wrap my heart around any of those Harvard brats?
3 stars
I thought "Stone" was a weird, far-from-formulaic movie. Its religious overtones gave it an edginess that kept me interested. The performances gave life to these intriguing characters and that is what propelled this story along. I thought it was surprisingly good for a movie that got virtually no publicity.
I really liked this movie. It has a nice quirky sense of adventure about it. The soundtrack really helps to propel it along as well. I've liked Bill Murry ever since SNL and this film was a great vehicle for him. I just wish I could hear what other folks thought about the ending.