Reviews by markwells
Although it raises more questions than answers this, in my humble opinion, is Michael Moore's best work. He exlores the subject of violence in America in an interesting, thought provoking, horrifying, and humorous way. Especially gut wrenching is the drawn-out segment where the video surveillance video at Columbine is superimposed over the many 911 recordings from that day. If this movie doesn't move you emotionally in some way, you're not human.
Unreached potential
I like sci-fi stuff like this; when extraordinary things happen to ordinary people...but this one just seemed a little too morbid at times and a little to slow at other times. It started out good but never reached the potential that its premise promised.
Although it didn't get much critical acclaim, I thought this was a fun little movie with a nice twist. One of Mr. Shyamalan's better efforts.
Nice hats
Is our destiny pre-ordained? Who are the guys with the hats? Why can't Matt Damon become president and have the girl of his dreams too? This movie has more questions than answers and that's not always a bad thing.
Thumbs up.
Movies about Cedar Rapids should stay in Cedar Rapids. Cedar Rapids makes Vegas look like the Vatican. I have nothing against movies about amoral people so long as they make me laugh. These folks didn't.