Reviews by irenzero
great slow burn creepy horror film
The Lords of Salem is a creepy 70s devil worship tale set in present day. It's an ambitious film that references cult and classic films, but also high brow fair. Kubrick's DNA is in this film, as is the Devils Rain and Altered States. It looks great not only in photography but also the set design and lighting. The sound is creepy and restrained, and while the film drags just a bit the pace is fine.

Sheri Moon Zombie is very effective as the star of the film, she is restrained in ways we have not seen from her before, and I would love to see her in another role like this. The music is solid and appropriate for what the film is evoking.

I am going to have to check this out again, if you liked House of the Devil, check this out.
Great story about some great muisc
A band Called Death is the story of family, faith and rebirth. Detroit in the 70s wasn't ready for a band of brothers making garage punk rock and roll... but years later the world was ready. While the film starts a little slow it's look at the nature of family, faith, and waiting for the world to catch up with what you are doing. If you liked searching for Sugarman, or have any interest in seeing how music can connect not only a family but a scene this film is highly recommended....
D&D meets the 87th Precinct
Set in a castle with wizards, Dwarves and Halflings Dragon Precinct takes the tropes of the police procedural like 87th Precinct books and gives them a twist. It's a pretty standard story, but the setting and the world makes it a fun read. If you liked Barney Miller, Homicide Life on the Street and Lord of the Rings, it's worth a look.
family friendly adventure film
BMX bandit is notable for a very young Nicole Kidman, but beyond that it's also a picture of a place in time. As Kidman and her co stars ride their BMX bikes though suburban 80s Sydney Australia. The plot is pretty secondary and gives an excuse for the action, the bike riding and stunts... but that's a good thing all of those are first rate. If you are looking for something different, looking for a film to share with kids or just want to do a little time travel back to the 80s BMX Bandits is worth a look.
truly strange cult film
The plot of Hobo with a Shotgun is all in the title, but what make the film worth watching is the truly weird twisted way the film unfolds. It's the world of Hobo with a Shotgun that is notable, with it's very 80s over lit neon look and the 70s abandon city scape crumbling around the population. Rutger Hauer also fully commits to the tile role giving an slightly unhinged hero some humanity.. it's an oddity for sure but one that is well worth seeking out.