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Episode details
"Chokin' and Tokin'"
Lindsay smokes marijuana for the first time. Moments later, her father reminds her that she had promised to babysit for neighbors that night. Afraid to babysit by herself, she pleads Millie to babysit with her. Millie not only takes care of the child they are babysitting, but takes care of Lindsay while she anxiously deals with the effects of smoking pot. The geeks are embarrassed in front of their peers when Bill reveals their allergies and ailments to Ms. Foote (Leslie Mann). Not believing that Bill is actually deathly allergic to peanuts, Alan puts peanuts into Bill's sandwich. After Bill eats one bite of the sandwich, Alan realizes that Bill was telling the truth and Bill is rushed to the hospital. 
"Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers"
Lindsay and Kim accidentally run over Millie's dog one night. Lindsay wants to come clean to Millie, but Kim threatens that if Lindsay confesses, she will react violently. Feeling guilty, Kim befriends Millie and asks her to join the freaks to witness The Who, live in concert. Meanwhile, Nick teaches himself to play guitar and writes a love ballad for Lindsay, and Bill, already having a rocky relationship with Coach Fredricks, is devastated to hear that his mother has been dating him. 
"Noshing and Moshing"
While trying to escape his problems with his parents and Kim, Daniel becomes attracted to Jenna Zank, a dropout from McKinley who is into the punk scene. To try and impress her, Daniel changes his appearance and meets her at a punk show and brings Nick and Ken along as well. Trying to cope with the knowledge that his father is unfaithful to his mom and whether or not to tell her, Neal focuses all of his energy into his new ventriloquism act, neglecting school in the process. The Weir parents become intoxicated at the Schweibers' party, while Lindsay becomes attracted to Neil's older brother Barry (David Krumholtz), who is back in town from college. Lindsay is given detention after coming to the aid of a girl being attacked by a boy. 
Good Book
Rogue Island follows a reporter, L.S.A. Mulligan, as his neighborhood is devastated by a series of fatal arsons. By the end of the book, you do learn who did it and why. In the meantime, the book can be difficult to stomach. There are 79 chapters in the 302 page book, and that is a bit jarring at times. One thing I found especially difficult in the story was the deaths of children in the fires at the beginning. Fortunately, after that there are no other children killed. However, if you are disturbed by generous cursing, and blunt sexuality, you probably won't enjoy this book. The story itself is very interesting, and the descriptions of Rhode Island and Providence specifically are very surprising in the level of corruption, and acceptance of such, detailed. Mulligan is willing to give his life to cover the arsons and dig into who is responsible in order to stop them.

I recommend this book if you won't be bothered by it's graphic nature.
Episode details (spoiler alert)
"The End"
Jack and the Man in Black use Desmond to temporarily extinguish the light at the heart of the island. The Man in Black makes himself mortal again and almost kills Jack but Jack and Kate kill him first. Realizing his destiny, Jack sacrifices himself to relight the heart of the island, so his friends can escape on the Ajira plane. Hurley takes Jack's place as protector of the island and makes Ben the new advisor. The flash sideways is revealed to be a type of limbo, or holding pattern, for the main characters, where they reside until accepting their life and death, and are then able to "let go" and "move on" together. 
Episode details (Spoiler alert)
"The Last Recruit"
The survivors split into two groups; one led by Sawyer, the other by the Man in Black. Sawyer's group travels to Hydra Island, where they are captured by Widmore's crew after Sun and Jin are reunited. In the flash sideways, the passengers of Oceanic 815 continue to cross paths with each other. 
"The Candidate"
After the remaining survivors are reunited, Sawyer and Jack hatch a plan to divert the Man in Black's attention and leave the island without him on Widmore's submarine, but disastrous consequences await them. In the flash sideways, Jack investigates the cause of Locke's paralysis and offers treatment. 
"Across the Sea"
Jacob and the Man in Black are revealed to be twin brothers. They are raised by a mysterious woman who is charged with protecting the island. As revenge for the murder of their adoptive mother (who killed their real mother), Jacob throws his brother into the source of electromagnetism after being made the island's guardian, which transforms the Man in Black into the smoke monster.
"What They Died For"
Ben finally takes his revenge on Widmore after accepting the Man in Black's request for assistance. Jacob explains the purpose of the candidates, and Jack volunteers to take his place. The search for Desmond reveals that he has been rescued and the Man in Black plans to use him to destroy the island. In the flash sideways, each person ends up on their way to a concert. 
Episode details (Spoiler alert)
"Ab Aeterno"
Richard Alpert's back story is shown: In 1867, he is brought to the island on the Black Rock as a slave. He makes a deal with Jacob to be his representative in exchange for immortality. In the present day, Hurley convinces him to help the candidates replace Jacob and stop the Man in Black from leaving the Island. 
"The Package"
After Jin is kidnapped and taken to Hydra Island by Widmore's team, the Man in Black confronts Widmore. On the main island, Sun loses her ability to speak English. In the flash sideways, Sun and Jin are abducted after failing to complete a transaction for Sun's father. 
"Happily Ever After"
On the island, Widmore subjects Desmond to a large amount of electromagnetic energy as an experiment. In the flash sideways, Desmond, with the aid of Charlie, starts to have visions of his life in the original timeline. 
"Everybody Loves Hugo"
In order to prevent more loss of life, Hurley leads the other survivors to speak with the Man in Black. In the flash sideways, Hurley meets Libby, while Desmond continues his mission to let the Oceanic 815 passengers know of their lives on the island.