Reviews by ilyjtwya
Great movie
The last time I watched this movie was years ago, and I forgot how much I enjoy it. The identity of the man behind the plot wasn't much of a surprise, but this was a good story with good laughs as well. (Like when Oda's room was full of spirits)
Not what I expected
Having read a few of Bart Ehrman's books, I expected this to be an examination of the books that did not make it in to the New Testament. However, it is basically a collection of translations of the books. If you're interested in reading the text of the scriptures Ehrman mentions in his other books, this is a good source. It is clearly explained to be a companion to his other book, Lost Christianities, so you may want to request both books simultaneously. I recommend reading the Gospel of Thecla to hear about the man-eating seals that Thecla escapes.
Great Magazine
This is one of my favorite magazines. Not only do they cover recent scientific discoveries, changes on the horizon, and interesting information on the focus topic, but they do so in an amusing way.

Worth reading!
Excellent Book!
This book was riveting and easy to connect to. Although I never had such extensive dental work, I know about the repeated pain of having your braces tightened just as your teeth start to feel okay again, and she did a great job relating the experiences. Raina did very well balancing the events that called for more detail, and summarizing what happened with other situations. It was wonderful to see what happened with her friends, as I was very bothered with how they behaved. I even found myself near tears more than once.

I haven't read many graphic novels, or biographies, but now this is easily my favorite book in both genres.
Episode details
A group of high school students in 1980 faces various social struggles. Lindsay Weir rebels and begins hanging out with a crowd of burnouts, courtesy of an invitation from Daniel Desario. Her affiliation with this gang of freaks and her quitting the mathletes worries her family and her once best friend Millie. Her depression started after her attempt to stop the teasing of a special education student goes terribly wrong and ends in him being injured. Meanwhile, freshman Sam Weir struggles to find the courage not only to confront his and his friend’s bully Alan, but to ask cheerleader Cindy Sanders to the homecoming dance. 
"Beers and Weirs"
When the Weir parents go out of town for the weekend, Lindsay's new friends suggest she throw a party. Lindsay hesitantly agrees in the hopes of impressing Daniel, who has broken up with Kim. She asks Sam not to tell their parents and he agrees, though the thought of serving beer at a party worries him after going to a school assembly focusing on alcohol-related deaths. When Sam discusses the matter with his friends Neal and Bill, Bill suggests that they switch the real beer with non-alcoholic beer. Despite the fake beer, the rowdy teenagers begin to think they are drunk and Lindsay soon finds herself having a terrible time. 
"Tricks and Treats"
Halloween soon approaches and Sam convinces his friends to go trick-or-treating with him. The neighborhood reacts awkwardly to the freshmen trick-or-treaters and matters only become worse when Alan picks a fight with the gang. Lindsay agrees to stay home and hand out candy with her mom on Halloween night. However, when she gets an invite to go cruise around town with Nick, Daniel, and Kim, she ditches her mom to hang out with them. Lindsay enjoys her first taste of vandalism with the Freak gang until she accidentally takes things too far.