Reviews by David Marshall
groundbreaking disapointment
This movie was hyped up to me as a groundbreaking anime masterpiece, but I was greatly disappointed. Every character in the film was irritating, key voice actors were awful, the plot was convoluted, and the film dragged on for far too long (124 min).
Pietro is a jerk.
Like nearly everyone else, Magneto's son Peitro Magnus (Quicksilver) finds himself broken without his powers after the events of House of M. In an attempt to regain his super speed he steals the Mists of Terrigen from the inhumans and uses them on himself others, including his daughter. The Mists turn out to be more than Pietro bargained for and may spark war between humans and inhumans.
Seldon's thrilling last years
Forward the Foundation is a treat for anyone who enjoyed Asimov's Foundation Trilogy (Foundation, Foundation and Empire, & Second Foundation). This prelude to the great trilogy follows the latter years of Hari Seldon's life as Seldon attempts to use the still undeveloped science of psychohistory to prop up the decaying empire just long enough for him to finish his life's work. The book oscillates between being a thriller and a biography, demonstrating Asimov's unique ability to fit any literary genera into his science fiction universe.