Reviews by katiewhitney
Not Crusie's Best...or Worst
I've read a number of Crusie's novels, and I'd have to say this one reads like the abridged version of Bet Me. There's even an (annoying) repetition of food preference (except this time it's Oreos instead of Chicken Marsala). She's left out a number of her usual semi-dull yet brilliantly tension-producing subplots, which left me feeling a little unsatisfied. On the plus side, all of the Crusie hallmarks are there: charmingly self-deprecating heroine who doesn't want children, ridiculously successful and handsome bachelor who hasn't found the one (oh, and doesn't want children), quirky/sexy/patently unbelievable gal-pal (who doesn't have and doesn't want children...a pattern?), and super-contrived element of "surprise" that brings the couple together (a basset hound in this one). The sex scenes in this one seemed a little tired to me, so if you're looking for a real turn on, I'd reach for the vibrator instead. But if you need an afternoon's distraction and you enjoy romance novels, I can't recommend this more highly.