Reviews by Karen OH
Going into this, all I knew was that it was a Pulitzer contender that (obviously) received wonderful reviews. I wasn't prepared for how dark it was, and I don't mind that in general- But I have to agree with another reviewer here who said the ending was something of a disappointment. A great story doesn't always have to tie up everything perfectly in a nice little bow, but this just didn't quite do the characters justice, considering how strong they are depicted throughout the entire book.

But I will say that this is such an original story. You really sympathize with these characters, and you find yourself staying up way to late to read just one more chapter... and then another three.
The story was okay. I will say it was just entertaining enough to hold my interest through to the end (it didn't hurt that the book was a very quick read). I have to mention something about the sex scenes though- one in particular is quite crude, and I found the explicit detail there unnecessary. In general this is an average book... If it's one of many on your list, you're not missing much by skipping to the next one.

I haven't seen the movie, but I can imagine that the story may be a better fit in the cinematic format rather than the written one.
high hopes but...
I am the kind of person who will see a movie or book through that others would give up on, but even I didn't make it all the way through this one. I saw a glowing review for it in Entertainment Weekly, and the story intrigued me. It was a valiant effort too- I liked the attempt to weave all the stories together, but it just got too jumbled. I didn't like having to keep checking the map in the front to remember who is who. And the stories themselves started to slow down too much pace-wise.

I can see how others might enjoy this, but it was not for me.
what a soundtrack should be
Yann Tiersen brought an already beautiful film to life with this whimsical score. Wonderful to listen to when I'm at work!
an old favorite
A wonderfully illustrated version of the classic story.