Reviews by Jeremiah042
It's Good, Butt too Long
The fun of this book is in saying 'butt' over and over, and finding silly/gross things to laugh at. That's great, but it could have been shorter and been better. I found that the fun was wearing thin after a while. That said, I'm a 32 year old father, not an eight year old boy.
Great Father-Son Story
I read this to my 6.5 year old daughter and 5.5 year old son. We all had a great time with it, and sometimes wanted to keep reading even after we were too tired to go on.

The story is great, a nice father-son relationship (mother isn't around, she died before the story began). There's some good bonding, working together, and appreciation of each other.

A caution, the big event the two do together, and it's much of the story, is an illegal activity. It's pretty tame, but it could bring up discussions about individual choices versus community laws.
Mostly Harmless, Yawner
I've read about five of these fairy books now, to my 6.5 year old daughter and 5.5 year old son. Daughter says, "I love love love them." I say, "Bland, and repetitive, but harmless." They sure are making some money off these though.

Whenever a series gets to "Georgia The Guinea Pig Fairy", you know it's gone too far.
Great Art, Fun and Quick Story
Jan Brett's illustrations are always good, and this one works quite well. The story, while a bit repetitive, is fun, and there's the added bonus of another wordless story going on, on the bottom of each page.

Good stuff for your 3-6 year olds.
If you like the word "stupid" you'll like this.
The story itself is pretty good; a child really likes her spooky house, and wants to keep it, so she does a bunch of crazy things to make sure no one wants to buy it when it's put up for sale.

Nothing spectacular, but interesting and fun.

However, the young-girl-main-character calls things 'stupid' more times that I'm willing to forgive. I don't mind the word used once in a while, but it's not a word we want the kids to be saying so often, and this books reinforces some of the 'bad' uses. She calls lots of things, and people, stupid. Kinda takes away from the fun.