Reviews by jpainter
Gorgeous and good
Can't hop a plane to Napoli? Feast your eyes on the pics, read about the local specialities, try out a recipe at home. Jamie Oliver brings his love of Italy and his philosophy of fresh, simply prepared food to this cookbook. You'll feel as if you visited, or maybe you'll be inspired to.
Addictive- and I don't even *like* to watch TV
How did I get sucked into watching this? OK, recommendations from friends, good music, great actors. The pilot was awesome.. Now I'm hooked. Just finished season 3. I confess, I'm sneakin' off for an hour of TV to watch the next Six Feet under installment. Can't wait.
Classy new noir first novel
Maybe it's because I've spent my share of time in upstate New York, but I really enjoyed the story and the characters in this noir-ish murder mystery. Chic, scary, sarcastic and hip.I want to read more Read!