Reviews by rats
It has been years since I saw this film and I still think of it. Heartwarming. Unique. Quirky. Not for those who insist that people can't change. One of my all time favorites.
Must see for community developers
This video is written as a drama that illustrates the problems/benefits of city and architecture design. What promotes community? Good ideas, easily absorbed.
Good, fast read
I finished this book today and went out immediately to request the other two novels the library has by this author. The title makes sense but you have to start reading it. It takes place in the Florida Keys. I've read several books that take place in southern Florida, but this book gives a different picture. The characters' slang reminded me a bit of British literature with the colorful references of the different classes. I had to look up some references.

I was afraid this was going to be a cat-person book, where the cats spoke or solved the crime or something tiresome like that. But this is a straight crime novel. The main character lost her husband and daughter due to an accident three years before the book takes place. The author is able clearly to show how grief affects people in the long term. If you have a friend going through an intense loss, this would be a good novel to read so you could understand them better. Plus it's a decent novel. And I like reading books that take place in the Florida Keys.
I love this writer's voice. A cross between Gertrude Stein's and Faulkner's if you add a dose of minimalism in it. Maybe? Very poetic prose.