Reviews by kellivd
Series Over is a Good Thing
This series got worse and worse. I liked Book 1, but wasn't really interested in Bella's self-doubt-complete-lack-of-self-esteem complex by the end of the second book. What kind of message does this send to young girls? Bella and Edward's relationship is not even close to healthy. However, not liking to quit in the middle of things, I kept reading...

Book 4 was as anti-climatic as a book can be. All of that build up towards the fight of the millenium and not a single scratch on anyone (ok, sorry Irina, you might have got a bit more than that). I am glad this is the last book because, if there was a Book 5 and it it followed the general downward trend of the series, there is no way I could finish it.

If you want to read a vampire book, stick to Anne Rice.