Reviews by gxl
The Near Witch
“When I was small, the wind sang me lullabies. Lilting, humming, high pitched things, filling the space around me so that even when all seemed quiet, it wasn’t. This is a wind I have lived with.
But tonight it’s different. As if there’s a new thread of music woven in, lower and sadder than the rest. Our house sits at the northern edge of the village of Near, and beyond the weathered glass the moor rolls away like a spool of fabric: hill after hill of wild grass, dotted by rocks, and a rare river or two. There is no end in sight, and the world seems painted in black and white, crisp and still. A few trees jut out of the earth amid the rocks and weeds, but even in this wind it is all strangely static. But I’d swear I saw--
Again something moves” (3-4).

Sixteen-year-old Lexi has heard the legend of the Near Witch many times. The Near Witch is an old story told to frighten children. The Near Witch was a good person who loved children, but one day a little boy was found dead in her garden and the Near Witch was blamed for his death. She was then banished from the village and was soon long forgotten. In the legends of the Near Witch it is told that if the wind calls at night, you must not listen. The wind is lonely and always looking for company. When a mysterious stranger appears in town, Lexi knows something is wrong, for there are no strangers in the village of Near. This stranger--a boy who seems to fade away like smoke--appears outside her home on the moor at night. The day after the appearance of the stranger, the children of Near start disappearing from their beds, and the mysterious boy falls under suspicion. Not wanting to lose her sister, Lexi goes to investigate and finds out the truths of the Near.

This book is a great book to read for enjoyment. It takes on a new and original form of your everyday fairytale. Victoria Schwab cleverly mixes magic, romance, and mystery all into one book. The plot makes you dig deeper, and like all mystery novels, makes you want to figure out who the real culprit is. This book is not too challenging, it flows very well together and isn’t too hard to keep up with. It does a great job of illustrating nature and showing how nature speaks to us. This book is definitely worth reading.
Funny Movie!!
This movie was very funny. I really liked it. It taught a couple of good lessons. I had so much fun watching it with my family. It is a really great movie to watch with the family and it keeps you laughing. The penguins are really cute and funny. Watch it, you'll enjoy it!!
Great Book!!
This book is really great. It contains romance, suspense, mystery, etc. Everything in one book!! The plot is really great. What if you had to be unwound? What would you do? Follow these three kids on a thrilling adventure!!
The "Underworld"
This book is very nice, about an world under the feet of the people of New York City, how will people from these two cities interact? Read to find out. There is also some romance.
Cute Series!!
This is a really cute series with some romance. For someone picky about manga drawings, this series has pretty good drawings. Manga lovers should read this funny series.