Reviews by betsywil
great book
This is a lovely book for young readers. Gareth the cat and his boy Jason travel to nine different places in the past, where they make a positive difference in the lives of others, and see growth in their own lives.
a fun read
There's lots of fun information in this book, including some of the history, literature and mythology which JK Rowling referenced in the novels.
I only wish it included footnotes, or somehow cited these sources more clearly, for readers who might want to know more.
fun music
Lots of these songs are fun, and a few are absolute classics. (and there are a few you can skip)
You have to really listen to the words.
This CD could be great driving music.
I agree with the previous review. While the book does have a few fun moments of adventure, they are not realistic, the villain is cartoonish, and much of the history is wrong.

Read a better series instead.
a mixed bag
Use this book with care. It combines some generally good ideas with flawed analysis and bad advice.

Bad examples:
He thinks a 40 year mortgage is a good idea.
He thinks it unfair that financial aid formulas ask a family who saved for kids' college to pay a smaller percentage of their total assets than a family who failed to save. He fails to recognize that the alternative would severely penalize saving.

Better personal finance books include:
Jane Bryant Quinn, Making the Most of Your Money
and especially:
Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi, All Your Worth