Reviews by betsywil
Haunting words and powerful illustrations.
This book sent me back to his other book with Jack and Guy:
We are all in the dumps with Jack and Guy.
Strong Stuff
When my son was about six, he loved this book. And insisted that we read the words on the newsprint which formed the childrens' shelter. His last book, My Brother's Book, reminded me of this one.
Nice Prequel
This book is a nice start to the Cadfael stories.
But don't read it first.
Read it after you have read and enjoyed others in the series - preferably in order!
Another excellent story from Christopher Paul Curtis!
The characters are great, the story is compelling, and the history truly comes alive.

Read this book.
There are better choices
This book is a combination of some good advice, some bad advice, some unrealistic advice and some noteworthy omissions. The book does a good job demonstrating the power of compounding, for good and for ill. And it is good to focus on the "first third" of one's financial life - one's 20's and 30's. BUT - it is odd for a book with this focus to say virtually nothing about student loans or financing an education.