Reviews by betsywil
a mixed bag
Use this book with care. It combines some generally good ideas with flawed analysis and bad advice.

Bad examples:
He thinks a 40 year mortgage is a good idea.
He thinks it unfair that financial aid formulas ask a family who saved for kids' college to pay a smaller percentage of their total assets than a family who failed to save. He fails to recognize that the alternative would severely penalize saving.

Better personal finance books include:
Jane Bryant Quinn, Making the Most of Your Money
and especially:
Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi, All Your Worth
The Best Personal Finance Book
This is the best personal finance book I have read. (Jane Bryant Quinn's is a close second, but is much longer.)
The book is clear, concise and correct. Warren is an expert in bankruptcy law and, unlike many others who write on personal finance, she bases her advice on both expertise and research data. And she writes well, too.
The book avoids gimmicks and offers realistic ideas for both emergency situations (chapter on Financial CPR) and for a lifetime (the 50-30-20 budget.)
check it out!
This badge was easy - because I checked this tool out awhile back - because I read about it on a blog post.

The energy meter answered my question. It showed that I own one device which it really does make a difference to unplug when not in use.