Reviews by betsywil
There are better choices
This book is a combination of some good advice, some bad advice, some unrealistic advice and some noteworthy omissions. The book does a good job demonstrating the power of compounding, for good and for ill. And it is good to focus on the "first third" of one's financial life - one's 20's and 30's. BUT - it is odd for a book with this focus to say virtually nothing about student loans or financing an education.
Great Book
This is possibly the best book in an excellent series. Enjoy!
Dr. Seuss in translation
Meaning, meter and rhyme.
So they don’t get it perfect
Quite all of the time.
Still this book is great fun
And, if you study French,
You can learn while relaxing.
Your brain won’t feel a wrench.
Si vous devez pratiquer le français,
Read Seuss in French and have a fun day.
This book is a fine start to a fun series, filled with good characters and great action (on occasion almost too much action?) I particularly enjoy the settings and the appearances by characters from history and from myth and legend.

Books 1-5 are all great fun. I am impatiently waiting in line for book 6.
must listen
Agree with the previous review, and add that this is a fine collection. Discs 1 & 2 have many of the same songs, but 1 is studio, 2 is live - take your pick.

I particularly like the political satire and the math songs.