Reviews by betsywil
The Doomsday Book is an excellent and haunting story, with strong characters and suspenseful story lines in both the 14th and 21st centuries. This is a good read.
Good music
This album has nice versions of some classic Joan Baez songs (along with a couple songs that I always skip - too high pitched for me...)
great for a long drive in the car
The Last Battle is not my favorite of the Narnia books - allegory gets much heavier here.
But Patrick Stewart's narration is superb.
A good sequel
If you read Wolf Hall, you will find this a fast and fun read, covering less than one year in the lives of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell. (Do be sure to read Wolf Hall before starting this book.)

Now waiting for Mantel's third and final Cromwell book, to be called The Mirror And The Light. The end of Bring Up the Bodies sets the stage most effectively for what we know will happen next.
A good read
Imagine a work of fiction populated entirely by historical characters, filled with vast and vivid detail, in which heroes and villains have their places reversed. Wolf Hall is that book, told from the perspective of Cromwell, and painting Sir Thomas More as a hateful torturer.

The author's use of pronouns make the text hard to follow. But once you figure out that "he" almost always means Cromwell, the story flows, carrying the reader with it.