Reviews by nsvinicki
VERY satisfying novella
Nnendi Okorafor does not disappoint with this original novella. It's traditional science fiction that fills in everything traditional science fiction lacks - complex, rich female characters of color. She doesn't pull any punches on questions of race, culture, and assimilation, and I don't think I've ever read a more beautiful, joyful story. I'm so excited for book two.
Dystopian Apocalyptic Western
In a genre where "Dystopian-Apocalyptic" gets thrown around a LOT, this comic manages to set itself apart.

It's definitely a hard western, but has all of the apocalyptic and technology-heavy details that make this way more fun. It also takes the "four horsemen" trope to a deeply scary place.

That being said, I got really confused really fast. The complexity makes it hard to understand what's going on, and keep track of all the details. Take your time, the story only gets deeper from here, but it's worth it.
The story continues
Another great second-volume that doesn't lag in the excitement and action, and continues to build the world. I'd really love for the map that's in volume 4 to have been in one of the first two instead. It's satisfyingly complex and deeply horrifying.
Awesome show
A great show, definitely kept me interested. I was worried this would be a fluffy, uninteresting series, but it's exciting, complex, and funny. Kenzie is the best and my favorite part of hte series. It's also fun for mythology enthusiasts - a lot of the Fae are inspired by spirits and figures yanked from all mythologies.
Complex, fascinating and heartfelt, this TV series is about clones who don't know each other exist until a fateful suicide.

Sarah then finds a more complex and sinister set of problems...

This series is worth it just to watch Tatiana Maslany play SO many different characters. She deserves all of the awards, and is a joy to watch.