Reviews by smgop
oh boy couldn't put it down (but I wanted to!)
This book horrified me, yet I couldn't put it down. It is engaging and well-written, but hard to digest.
Pales in comparison to Jane Austen novels!
It is interesting to scroll through the list of ILL books that people are ordering - I have been so, so grateful to be able to check out books from other libraries in Michigan, the US and even abroad through Worldcat. Wonderful service!
Takes time to get into, but then pow!
I attacked this book with enthusiasm, because every other book of Turner's I've read has had me captivated from the first sentences.

I had a hard time getting into the book, honestly - Turner marks time by inserting dates at the beginning of chapters, but I was disoriented through the period in which Resolute is captive on the ship and then sold into slavery. However, once the characters got under my skin and Resolute became an adult I couldn't put it down.

As all of the Sarah Agnes Prine books, the end left me wanting more!!!
generally well-written
At times I felt like I was watching an extended train wreck - but when I was finished I was glad I'd read the book.