Reviews by smgop
The language can be a bit antiquated, but it is a delightful book overall.
Loved it!
I have never been disappointed with BBC adaptations of Gaskell's books - this one is wonderful. Love the rich, intricate family relationships and the example of true self-sacrificial love.
A Classic
This BBC mini-series will go down as a great - alongside Pride and Prejudice.
The characters are rich, complex.
The storyline is gripping and wonderful. I usually do not like adaptations of novels but this one captures Gaskell's work very well.
Enjoyed this thoroughly - Elizabeth Gaskell is a master at capturing the intricacies of the human heart.
The French Cooking Tome to have
Excellent. Daunting. Intimidating.
I know Julia wrote this to make French cuisine more accessible, but it intimidated me!