Reviews by vlong
Not her best work
I felt like the beginning of this book was very stilted and almost made me say "Did someone else write this beginning?" But it did get better as it went on. Of course, all my favorite characters were back, Theodosia, Haley, Drayton. I did figure out the murderer very early on, which is highly unusual for me with Ms. Childs's books. Usually she has me guessing until the very end.

All in all, it was a decent book, though I wouldn't call it great. I'm still looking forward to more in the series.
I'm done with this series
***** If you haven't read the book yet, be aware of spoilers!!! *****

I think this will be the last book in this series that I read. The last 2 or 3 haven't been that great and I felt like this one was just really sub-par. Yes, I was getting tired of the love triangle, but bringing in a third guy?! One we haven't heard anything about for like 10 books?! NOT a great way of breaking the love triangle. Totally unbelievable. I seriously expected him to be part of the whole murder - if not THE murderer than an accomplice at the very least. It's THAT unbelievable.

I'm also getting tired of Hannah's attitude with regard to both a) how she's a suspect when she finds a body and b) when Mike doesn't share information with her likes she thinks he should. She acts like a petulant, spoiled child and it's getting very old. I don't care if the police chief is your father, if you find a body, you're going to be a suspect. Period. Sure, you may get struck off the list rather quickly, but you're still going to be a suspect. And, you'd think after all those cases, Hannah would have a better understanding of what the police can and cannot share with those off the force.

Plus, there are things about the writing style and other details that are just grating on my nerves. So, while I really enjoyed the first dozen books in this series or so, I do believe this will be my last.
Boring and Inaccurate
This video was incredibly boring. Not nearly as entertaining as "Neptune's Oceans" by Baby Einstein. They also used the same animal shots for the seal and the sea lion. These are NOT the same animal and it seems wrong to be telling little ones they are. Very poorly done.
Great for young enthusiasts
This is a great book both for Thomas the Tank Engine fans and young train enthusiasts. In the tradition of Haynes' other repair manuals, this volume is filled with appropriate details and information for fixing common problems. Even tho' Thomas is a fictional character, the manual provides accurate information about a steam engine's parts and design.
Wonderful & Humor-Filled
If you have not seen "The Princess Bride" or aren't a fan of the movie, don't even attempt to read this book (not that I think you would, but just making sure!). This was a wonderful memoir and collection of stories related to the making and eventual success of "The Princess Bride". It is told mostly from the point of our dear Westley, Cary Elwes, but all of the major actors add their own memories and stories, even Andre the Giant is remembered tho' he has passed on. I couldn't stop laughing while reading all the anecdotes. Some of the things, I knew. Some were new things, but it was all enjoyable. Come live the making of one of the best movies ever through the eyes of its cast! You won't regret it!