Reviews by vlong
I wouldn't quite classify it as the best Nora Roberts ever, but it is DEFINITELY a page turner. I had a hard time getting into it at first, but once Shelby took her daughter back to her home town in Tennessee, I really started to enjoy the book. I had a feeling/thought about the ending before I got there and was correct in that feeling/thinking, but even being right, it didn't take away from the excitement of the story.

I enjoyed the characters and the plot line. The setting sounds lovely as well. All in all a 5-star read.
Good start to the series
I enjoyed the characters in this book immensily. The author did keep me guessing on who the real killer was until the end of the book. Unfortunately, she never really made me care about the victim, so I didn't really care who killed her as long as it wasn't the heroine's mother, Francesca.

However, I enjoyed the main characters and the setting. I'm interested in seeing where the author takes the series.
Great start to the series!
I'm completely hooked on this series, even if this is only the first title! The lighthouse setting, the library workers, the rare books, everything just drew me in. The only real down side is that the heroine is kind of weak. I'm hoping that as she "finds" herself in this new place and gets used to being on her own, she'll become stronger. All in all, a good first book in the series!
It must be good
I am going to preface this by saying that I have not personally read the book. HOWEVER, my father read it and told me so much about it, I feel like I *have* read it. Plus, my father is not a fast reader and he finished it in 3 days because he just couldn't put it down, so that alone says that it MUST be good. The summary above gives a decent description, but my dad said it's so much more than that. His biggest mission involved getting 400 French women back to France and he succeeded, for which France acknowledged him in 1945. According to him, it was just fascinating, amazing, and the United States really never recognized the man's contribution to the war effort or how many lives he saved. If you like intrigue, undercover, covert mission stories, then I'd say you must read this book!
Excellent BabyLit Book!
I really love this board book. Some of the BabyLit board books I've looked at, I haven't understood why they made them. But this one, THIS one makes sense. It introduces the baby/toddler to different types of flowers and used quotes from the book to talk about them. The colors are vivid, the pictures engaging, and the amount of text just right so the child doesn't get bored.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!