Reviews by crwilley
a really enjoyable film
The film follows an ensemble cast of characters facing retirement in less prosperous circumstances than they'd hoped for - as they deal (or don't deal) with the culture shock of moving to India, where they can live more cheaply than in Britain. It was a real joy to watch, highly recommended.
Lots of ideas
The book has edging patterns in all styles, Victorian to modern, worked with a variety of knitting techniques. The charts are easy to follow and the knitted samples are photographed well. The included garment patterns were not really to my taste though.
so useful!
I had started to despair about my handknit socks ever fitting because sock patterns are usually written with the assumption that your leg is close enough to the same circumference as your foot that the stretchiness of the knitting will take care of any difference. This may be true for many people, but I apparently have larger calves than standard, so the legs of my socks stretched out to the point where they looked unattractive and then fell down.

This book is a godsend. The instructions go over the basics of measuring and calculating the shaping (including for custom-fit toes - the other place a standard sock pattern absolutely falls down on the job!), and then the 12 included patterns (which are gorgeous, although in a couple instances the yarn used for the model sock doesn't show the patterning off well) are easy to incorporate the shaping for custom-fitting into. It also gives guidelines for identifying other sock patterns that can be modified easily, so that gorgeous sock pattern you found on the Internet might still work for you.
Cookie A is one of those designers where her knitted garments are as much works of art as they are functional - the book is worth taking a look through for the pictures alone. Some of the patterns in this book might challenge beginning knitters.
A little disappointing
It took until about halfway through the book before the story started to feel like the Disc and the characters started to talk like themselves - I think Sir Terry's Alzheimer's was starting to affect his writing maybe more than anyone had anticipated. But once it got going, the story was engaging, and the book was worth reading.