Reviews by subeth
It's a Conspiracy
This book is full of conspiracy theories. Although there may be some validity to the arguments in it, the writing, format, layout and editing are so poor it's hardly worth the trouble to read. Commas and semi-colons are all over the place where they don't belong. They must have thought, "more is better." Then there were the amusing homonyms. The word "Track" was used in place of "Tract" several times, the word "sight" where it should have been "site" as well as my personal favorite, the word "throws" was injected where it should have been "throes!" They misspelled names, too. But not consistently. How hard is it to remember that Hillary Clinton's first name is spelled with two Ls? EVERY time it's used.
All in all, this was a supremely poorly edited book. The lack of proper grammar and spelling gets in the way of the message. It makes the reader wonder what else they were too lazy to do right. You know, like research? It's so sloppy.
Historical Fiction
The writing is compelling and the story is fascinating. This is a real page-turner. The history woven throughout the story tells of the cities, Smyrna and Detroit, both going down in flames. The family has its own difficult history with secrets, losses,and then later, truth revealed. Every bit of this book is beautifully written and it ties together at the end in a believable and poignant present/future.
Never Got There
I waded through this book, caught up in its very excellent narrative voice. I found the plot predictable and disappointing.
"Peaked" My Interest
Oy. I really tried to read this. It has so many accolades and positive reviews. The author has been published, awarded or nominated for awards for her writing. What's wrong with me that I think she is ordinary, clumsy, inarticulate and emotionless in her writing? I stuck with it as best I could until I came to her description of a guitar she received as a child. Her family even provided a teacher in hopes "it would peak my interest..." How that got by the author, editors, proofreaders, and publishers I don't know. But it didn't get by me. What a waste of time.
outstandingly good read
As I was drawn into this memoir I came to appreciate the point of view of the author/protagonist. As often as he tried to put himself inside another person's experience he could not. He failed to know his sister's experience and his mother's experience and even his beloved father's experience. The author DOES succeed in stepping outside of his own perceptions however, very well, when he admits to hyperbole and begs forbearance. I loved that in his writing. I am floating along with his stream of thought and suddenly the author steps outside of the narrative to allow as to how he might be inventing some of this, after all. It made for a very true-to-life account. This is how we remember. Or *think* we remember.