Reviews by jtmaxwell
A page-turner with value
I am quite thankful for these books. As with all exciting danger-and-love-packed novels teens everywhere love them - but unlike other page-turners, this series has a great message. The female protagonist is strong, brave, smart, loyal, and scrappy. These books are violent and scary, but I have heard the discussions they provoke by their readers and they are far and away more thoughtful than any discussion I've heard from Twilight. Katniss is a character for girls to look up to, and brings topics from books such as Brave New World to a current, teen level.
Fantastic Album
This is the album that you can put on on a hot summer evening, have a seat on the porch, and everything from the day falls away. DMB is a fantastic jam band - the songs fall into one another and weave all of the different instruments used into a solid sound.
Bringing back memories
This album is one for me that will always transport me back to high school. This was one of those albums I'd sit and listen to with my friends and feel understood. Songs like Jumper and Semi-Charmed Life still get stuck in my head, and it's one of those disks you can put it and just hit play.
This is my all-time favorite book; I read it every year! In this historical fiction story, a young girl travels across the ocean on a ship to get back to her family from boarding school. When she leaves Europe her actions are bound by the thoughts and opinions of others, and when she gets off the boat, she thinks for herself.

This story is exciting, scary, funny, educational, and just plain wonderful!

Run, don't walk, to the library and pick this one up!!
I have only read a few books more than once, and this is one of them. This book is a time commitment, but it is very easy to get swept up in this family saga. Fans of strong family ties and undying love will appreciate how this story tells about how an Australian family makes it through struggles and trials they are given.

A great summer read!