Reviews by jtmaxwell
THIS is the book you need
My husband and I have brewed beer for several years and this is the only book we've ever used. This book guides you through homebrewing from step 1 all the way to highly complicated recipes.

As the book states - relax, have a homebrew, and get started!
Get your gloves!
This book will make kids want to garden! A little boy discovers a garden who just needs to be tended, and once it feels some love it turns an ugly city into a lovely green space. The illustrations are beautiful, the story is light and humorous, and gives a great message that if we take care of our green places, there will be more!
Wonderful read-aloud!
This is a super book: it's hilarious, it includes actual bird species and natural facts about them, penguins engineering flight machines, strategic poop-aiming, and has a message of working together with everyone - even if you are skeptical about the outcome.

Check it out - quick!!
I found this to be a very helpful book. I learned some new facts about veganism and its benefits, as well as some tasty new recipes!
I read this book in my preparation of visiting the islands. It helped a lot - our guides often didn't speak a lot of english, so having some background in topics like Lonesome George really helped!