Reviews by edwardsrl
Decent, but not good.
finer than most
This movie is finer than most, I think you get that.
best book ever!
Good for young ones
This series is a fun fantasy series. Getting them ready for harder books.
Nikki's mom left Nikki with her little sister Brianna, while she shopped for a new toaster. After Nikki's mom leaves, the chaos begins. Nikki told Brianna to sit right beside her on the bench and to not move, next thing Nikki knew, Brianna was in the water fountain fishing for coins. Nikki tried to get her out by suggesting they go to the food court to look for free food samples. Brianna then starts pestering Nikki to go to her favorite pizza place, Queasy Cheesy. They then get picked to go up on the stage and sing a song. They were really rocking it out when all of a sudden.... Nikki spotted something. Glossy lips, sparkly nails, designer clothing, it could only be one person. But who? MACKENZIE HOLLISTER, that's who.The worst thing was, MacKenzie got the whole thing on tape! What will happen to Nikki now? That's up to you, to find out, when you read this book.

A Dork