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Ha ha!
This book is so funny! It's fun to see Ellie's perpective on things! I would recommend this book to a fan of the series Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Happy reading!

C.J Lewis
If you don't really feel like reading the whole book, I will tell you everything. It is the summer, and Claudia is off to art classes while Janine is off to college. Janine the genius. The two sisters despize one another. Claudia is part of a club, the Baby Sitter's Club. They decide to hold a summer play group at a member's house. The first day goes mostly well, except for bratty Jenny Prezssioso. One night, Claudia'a parents go out for dinner, leaving only Mimi, Janine, and Claudia at home. Mimi is Claudia's grandmother. Claudia and Mimi decide on waffles for dinner. Claudia runs upstairs to ask Janine if it was okay with her and she says"You already decided? Why didn't you ask me first?" Claudia says"I'm asking you right now." Janine responds "Waffles are fine." They eat dinner. Then Janine suggests they play a board game, one she is especially good at. So they play, and Claudia asks a question she thinks Janine will surely not know and of course, she does! Claudia accuses Janine of cheating. Mimi, being gentle, tells Claudia that Janine didn't cheat. The Claudia accuses Mimi of favoring Janine. Mimi goes to bed early. That leaves Claudia questioning. Janine and her yell some more, and then they here a THUD. They race upstairs only to find Mimi, partly undressed, lying on the floor, unconscious. Claudia freaks out and says,"She's been murdered!" Janine checks her pulse to find she is still breathing. They call 911 and Janine goes with Mimi to the hospital while Claudia waits for her parents to come home. She calls the restuarant they're at but they have already left. When they finally get home.......will work on later
Bien! Es bien! Soy carinoso de libro The Truth about Stacey!

Soy mal la abeja.

Ana Hernandez
It is so dumb! So cheesy! Who would even think about reading this stuff!


P.J. Wexler or Priscilla Janice Wexler
Really Good!
Gaiman captured all readers eyes with this story of growing up, murder, and bravery.

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