Reviews by jeansager
Will become a classic
Whimsical yet a deep meaningful movie which I predict will become a classic. Has those features of thought, humor and pathos of movies that you want to see again and again to discover the film's rich details. Enjoy.
Ida = 5 star movie
Great understated documentary movie which makes you a participant versus a viewer.

Makes you want to learn more about Polish history, what family tragedies we don't talk about but still affect us, and the kind of spiritual dialogue and relationship we have with ourselves that determines our actions, and how others respond to us.

A 'don't miss' movie!
My absolute favorite children's book. Perhaps memories of being or feeling different abound in us all. David Small puts humor but more-so serious humor so that the story lingers on for years.

Minds that seem to recreate each day anew bring forth images from Imogene's Antlers and offer comic but useful adv ice how to live in a world that changes so much. Enjoy.
Now you know why Imogene grew antlers
Read this twice and still want to reread or rather study the illustration of feelings. The intensity of this author drives his creativity for also illustrating children's books. My favorite children's book is his Imogene Grows Antlers.

Anyone and everyone who feels different will find some hidden insight to savor in all David Small's work especially Stitches, a memoir of feelings every adult has had.
One of the best movies!
A movie for all ages. Action thriller with lots of ideas for family talks on what kids see in the world around them. Highly recommended by a former special educator, mother, blogger and storyteller. Enjoy!

ps. Have so many extremely family medical issues, from Stroke to rare brain malformation [AVM} it totally emptied my mind and let me remember the basic strength of family and humanity.