Reviews by Veroni2
This is pretty much my favorite book ever and that says a lot since I read constantly. I tend to be picky with my books, but it makes me want to cry when people criticize this book because it was perfect. If I could only recommend one book, this would be the book. Please do yourself a favor and read it! Also, I'm super excited about the movie coming in March 2014....absolutely can't wait!
And the author has the same name as me which just makes it so much better.
Very well written, you can tell that the author is not just pouring out her imagination onto a page. It is well thought out, well planned, well worded, very good! It really gets all your emotions wrapped up in the story but it doesn't feel like your typical love story because there is so much depth in it.
Leverage is really the best show ever and it's super depressing that close to no one watches it. I wait for the evening every single day so that I could watch the next episode, and am never disappointed. The producers are so creative in making this show witty, clever, entertaining, and hilarious. The fact that there's nothing "bad" in it makes it even better. A definite recommendation from me!
One of my favorite movies when a was a kid, still love it today. The songs are no doubt the best part, super catchy and fun to sing.
Not bad, but the first one's better. Then again, I'm not a kid, but I still enjoyed it.