Reviews by camelsamba
for a certain sense of humor
This is basically an extended fart joke. If your child likes that kid of humor, they'll probably like this book. Cute enough art, but not breath-taking.
great retelling
This graphic rendition of the Warren Commission Report is actually quite effective. They are able to use the pictures to help portray locations and actions. I like how Oswald is always a black & white sketch, in marked contrast to everything else. It's not just a synopsis, though - the team explains how social forces and the Commission itself acted together to lead to resulting conspiracy theories. I didn't know much about this, and feel much better informed for having read this book.
end to the series
Book 6 in The Poor Relation series. With the exception of the beginning (the resolution to the cliff hanger from book 5) the plot was fairly predictable, especially if you've read the previous 5 books. There is a touch of intrigue as a Napoleonic conspiracy touches one of the important characters. Overall, a nice ending to the series.

(Note: AADL does not own all 6 books in the series, but you can request them via MLL)
Sweet tale
The best line:

Mom tests the toes.
Too big, too small.
Two tired feet,
four empty boxes,
eight cranky shoes.

(Not to mention one annoyed child and one exasperated mother. What happens next? Will TW red shoes f the title work their magic??
Not as good as I exoected
I enjoyed the story, but there were times when I felt like the world was somewhat inconsistent. Likewise, Tally seems unrealistic at times. I guess I expected more because Westerfeld is so highly regarded (as is this series, I think?).