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Nice bouncy rhythms, not surprising since it's jazz. The 4th song features marimba and sounds like it's from the Roaring 20s. #7 has lots of syncopation. Marimba is back on #8. Give this album a try, take advantage of the AADL digital downloads deal!
choose your own destiny
Dennis's strict father dies right before his high school graduation. He focuses on gaming at the expense of school work for a few years, then buckles down and becomes a hard-working undergrad and decent medical student, then turns to 'professional' video gaming for a bit. Will he eventually choose his own (damm) destiny, as Kat advised? How will he align his passions and dreams with his guilt over his father's admonitions?

This book is at times simple but also quite complex. I like how the color and tonality of the artwork changes throughout the book. The part when the angels first appear seems somewhat like a psychotic break. Is he really suffering from delusions, or is it just that the unresolved guilt is so heavy that his conscience is weighing him down? And who is doing the laundry and cooking his meals? Is he just super efficient? Does he cook meals and then abandon them to eat with his friends, or does that represent the guilt over what he thinks his family expects he should be doing?
has been re-issued in color
This appears to be the original graphic novel of Chickenhare. It has also been re-issued by the graphic novel imprint of Scholastic Books as Chickenhare ( Don't make the mistake we did of checking them both out and expecting two stories!
color re-issue?
This appears to be a color re-issue of "Chickenhare : the House of Klaus" ( by the graphic novel imprint of Scholastic Books. Don't make the mistake we did of checking them both out and expecting two stories!
not the best Lunch Lady
A weak addition to the series. This story didn't hold together very well and the ending was rushed. I suppose I should be glad about the outcome of the election - anything else would be too much of a cliché storybook ending. But it bugged me. The whole videogame element was odd.

Fun detail: look at the books on top of the library shelves when they go to the public library: it's Babymouse! But who are those women eavesdropping on them on the next page? Are they the librarians from an earlier book?