Reviews by camelsamba
you will learn lots of mythology
I learned a LOT of Greek mythology by reading this, but the foreshadowing in parts was way too thick and that diminished my enjoyment. There does seem to be quite a lot of battles with mythical monsters, but they all advance the plot and add to the story. This is a children's book more so than YA.
cute but sappy
Poor Owly - nobody understands her (him?). Perching birds fly away from the feeder, worms quake at the sight - and why not? S/he's an owl that can't even fly or realize s/he should be nocturnal. Surely such unnatural behavior is a sign of a serious parasitic infestation! Stay away!

The stories are kind of cute, but a bit sappy. On the other hand, my 8yo (who enjoys graphic novels in general) was unwilling to read this because it doesn't have any words. So it loses a star for not appealing to my intended audience.
not the best Binky
I found this one hard to read (format wise - my eyes couldn't decide where to go) and the storyline was kind of flat. But overall, Binky is a fun series :^)
great music for the whole family
After checking this out multiple times, we bought our own copy. Green Chili Jam Band is a great group - music that kids like and parents can enjoy. My favorite song on this CD is Starfishing - lots of clever word play.
creative and intriguing alphabet book
Amazing rocks, found on a stretch of beach near the author's home, comprise this unique alphabet book. Creative and intriguing alphabet book. Expect to spend a lot of time looking at the pictures, and be prepared to look at rocks around you in new ways. My favorite page is the J!