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I would call this heavy metal (christian) rock, but I'm no expert. Hard driving, lots of loud guitars.
sweet series
We read the AADL's entire collection of Jesse Bear books when my child was younger, and they are wonderful! Bruce Degen's illustrations are lush and detailed, and the storylines are charming, gentle, and entertaining.
not really On The Fly!
If you're wondering why you can't find "On the Fly" on your library shelf (because you faithfully keep all library books together, right?), that's because you probably don't have a book by that title. The library uses this for various books that you check out that aren't otherwise in the system. Took me quite a while to figure that out. Still can't determine which book in our house this goes with...
read it and weep
I was a new resident of the Baltimore area in 1988, and started listening to the Orioles on the radio during the season portrayed in this book. Despite the struggle the team faced - or perhaps because of it - I became an Orioles fan, and a big fan of baseball on the radio. So it was with a certain bit of nostalgia that I read this book - I don't really remember the specific games, but I remember the feeling of those early weeks and that season.

The art in this book is lush - there's a gorgeous sunset in one of the early pages, expressive depictions of despair and the joy of that first win. I think my favorite spread in on the 0-12 page, where the artist manages to portray (in one image) Cal Ripken going hitless through a 3 game series.

If you read this book to a young baseball fan, expect them to get frustrated as the Orioles lose yet another game. I'm not sure how much the "what we can learn from losing" lesson at the end really sinks in on the first read, but who knows what good matter of persistence come of it in the long run.
Use for planning, but not while traveling
This book is a tad large to carry around while you are walking the streets of Philly, but it's not too heavy to pack in your suitcase. The format for where to stay and where to eat is kind of hard to use, but the info on tourist atractions is decent. I liked the Frommer's Day by Day guide better for those purposes, but this one is more complete for other parts of Eastern PA that you might want to visit (e.g. Pennsylvania Dutch Country or Gettysburg, but not Jersey Shore).