Reviews by camelsamba
cute story!
Cute story, awesome tool belt!

A voice from the middle of the van: "Mom, what's an oy-juh?"
Me: "Is it spelled o-u-i-j-a? That is pronounced wee-jee, and it means [blah blah blah]." I just had no idea it was an item on Chico Bon-Bon's tool belt. Too bad he doesn't have to use it in the story (or - as far as I can recall - the nearby rhyming "squouija" :^)
lacking fun rhythms of others
Maybe the problem is that I wasn't reading this aloud, but I did not enjoy it as much as the others we've read (shop, and jeep). It didn't have the same fun rhythms, or creativity - except for the last few pages. I loved the wolves in sheep's clothing - best part of the book!
Seeger on CD
Be sure to listen to the CD - it's great to listen to Pete Seeger tell the story and sing the song, although it might make you feel inadequate about your own rendition.
silly, but not compelling
I'd give it a 2 (didn't find the storyline very compelling) but my boys would give it at least a 4, so we'll let it stand as a 3. Maybe I should have read it aloud first, rather than reading on my own - perhaps I would have enjoyed it more had I gotten their reactions.
I listened to Hans Brinker as an audio book in part because I felt like I was missing a literary classic. I'm glad I listened, because I doubt I would have read past the first chapter - it starts with a long history and geology of the Netherlands, and it contains a number of very long digressions that do not move the story along. It's also quite heavy-handed and didactic in parts, but perhaps that is true to the era. The core of the story is interesting, but there's a lot of other stuff around it.