Reviews by camelsamba
illustrations included!
Back when I first started reading Project Gutenberg books, they never included illustrations. There wouldn't be much point to a Beatrix Potter without her wonderful illustrations, so I was glad to see them included in this PDF download. Silly story, but the illustrations (line drawings and full page color ones) make up for it.

"I have the same feeling about rats," replied Pickles, "but it would never do to eat our own customers; they
would leave us and go to Tabitha Twitchit's."

"On the contrary, they would go nowhere," replied Ginger gloomily.
some highly detailed
As you might be able to tell from the cover, some of the boats in here are super-duper detailed. Others are more manageable for beginning artists, such as the outrigger canoe (which also has an interesting perspective). But it's a useful exercise at many levels to see how well you can follow the steps.
blog is better...
I used to read Popek's blog on a regular basis, so I was interested in getting this book. Unfortunately, this is one case where the conversion from blog to book does not work very well. For example, you can't zoom in on the images. Also, the blog entries often had more detail about the items or the books they were found in - and the comments added by readers were often revealing (e.g. more about the history of a place) and usually entertaining. So get the book if you're intrigued, but make sure to read the blog as well!
accurate title!
The title is fairly indicative of what you get here: old timey tunes played in an old school manner. If you enjoy fiddle music or hammered dulcimer, you're bound to enjoy this. If you're more of a modernist, you might not. I particularly enjoyed hearing Liberty, since I learned it for hammered dulcimer many years ago.
does not demand your attention
This is reasonable background music when you don't want to have to pay attention to it. It is rhythmically interesting on one level, but kind of boring on another.