Reviews by manz
good teen book
This is a nice teen book. Not my favorite by the awesome A.S. King, but it was solid. An original story.
The Best
The Wire is one of the best shows to ever air on TV. If you're looking for a new to watch that's suberbly written, researched and acted, then grab this.
At first it's confusing with so many characters. But you get sucked in to the story. Oh, and the characters. SO GOOD. I watch it and watch it and watch it.
This is an amazing book. I really enjoyed reading it and was surprised with what transpired. Really wonderful read!
I was not that into this film. I usually like quirky coming of age stories, but this one just didn't have the punch for me.
I think the voice over narration got to me. The dialog was sparse.
so good
The Wire is one of the best TV shows ever. It' on my top 5 and I've seen the run multiple times. Put it on your list. It's so real and gritty, and David Simon is wonderful. Anything with his name on it is gold. And his books too! Read those as well. Read The Corner!