Reviews by manz
This is such a great book! "Atlas of Adventures" is a beautiful large-scale book that celebrates the diversity of our planet by exploring different regions of the earth with a variety of people, animals, sights and adventures. It's so cool that you can sleep under the northern lights and witness the monarch migration all in one book. SUCH GREAT ADVENTURES! Be sure to check it out if you're a fan of the following books:

Information Graphics: Animal Kingdom
Information Graphics: Human Body
Information Graphics: Space

Which are beautiful books!
This movie is hilarious. I just love Kristen Wiig. She is wonderful as borderline personality Alice, who yearns to be the next Oprah. It's ridiculous and sweet and funny.
cute picture book! hats!
A really cute picture book with silly animals and hats! Read to find out whose hat it is. Super cute for preschool storytime.
cute book!
A darling baby board book! With lots of sturdy lift-the-flaps to keep little hands busy, and lots of animal noises to mimic.
silly toddler book
This is a silly lift-the-flap book that toddlers will enjoy! They'll have fun lifting the flaps and guessing what animals belong to the bottom seen.