Reviews by manz
Great picture book
Kids will love interacting with this book. Which is basically pressing colored dots on the pages. And shaking the book. And turning it upside. And clapping. Oh so much fun. A great readaloud!
Watch this
This show is so good! By the fourth season your brain is all trippy trying to keep track of which Olivia is which. So fun. So deep. So good. A must see if you dig sci fi. I don't even like sci fi and I enjoy this show.
foxy good story

"Foxy has a very large sack with just one bee in it. But on his travels he meets a woman with a nice fat rooster. . . "Whatever you do, don't look in the sack!" says Foxy. But the woman does, of course, and when the bee escapes Foxy takes the rooster in exchange! He repeats the trick to acquire a lovely fat pig, and finally. . . a little boy! But the last woman Foxy meets is as clever as he is. She sets the little boy free and substitutes a large fierce dog in the sack - who chases bad Foxyaway, never to be seen again."

A super cute story! Wonderful color illustrations. Great for laps and storytimes. It's a variation on a tale that's been told all over the world. I like how this is done.
Ok family film
This movie was okay. The book was better. It was still pretty entertaining though, and family friendly. Kids age 4, 6, and 8 enjoyed it. It didn't do much for me though.
great TV show
This is such a great TV show! People kept telling me to watch it, and I was reluctant at first due to the Pacey-Denethor-Daniels thing. (Actor cross-overs from The Wire, LOTR, and Dawson's Creek.) I finally succumbed and at first it seemed like it wanted to be the X-Files, but then I realized it wasn't.

I enjoy the relationships of the main characters. The father-son relationship between Peter and Walter. The will-they-won't-they with Peter and Olivia. The caretaker role of Astrid with Walter. And Walter's relationship with licorice and strawberry milkshakes. It's wonderful.

I did prefer the first 2 seasons, with more of the weekly mysteries to solve. The latter seasons get more into the parallel universe mythology. It's fun too, just different than the start.

If you like sci-fi, give it a whirl!