Reviews by manz
so good!
Such a good series! Being BBC the episodes are few and far between -- only 3 per season. Sherlock is amazing! And Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are fabulous. I can't wait for more!!!! The episodes are such cliffhangers.
great illustrations in this pic book!
wonderful illustrations in this charming picture book :)
and funny!
great for a preschoolers readaloud.
nice and weird
Such a bizarre little book! But I liked it. It was pretty weird. But I loved the sad little story of poor Lester receiving these dreadful sweaters. And I loved that in the end he was able to find a use for them. So cute!
funny picture book
This is a funny and delightful picture book! Kids will love how there's a story within a story.
good show
This is a good show. Kinda freaky. You never know who around you might be a serial killer! It definitely keeps you in suspense as the characters try to track down the cult leader while figuring out just who is on their side.