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yeah, icelandic music IS warm.
Recorded in various living rooms and bathrooms across Reykjavik, Iceland, and then perfected in Sigur Ros's reformed swimming pool of a studio in Mosfellsbaer, this album is a dreamy bliss of creaks and harmonies, saws and sewing machines and found drums. The duo of Slowblow has been recording for a decade, adding lo-fi magic to the ever-growing Icelandic music scene. This self titled album features the prettiest vocals by Mum's Kristín Anna Valtysdóttir. Listen to it now.
I wanted to like this film more than I did. It's one of those films that fits my bill, but was just a few inches short of fitting.

The characters were charming, and I liked the idea of the storyline. But it just didn't do much for me.
not bad
I saw that this movie was getting mixed reviews, so I didn't quite know what to expect, but I kind of liked it.

I thought the storyline was a little weird, but I liked watching these two fractured souls deal with their stuff, separately and together. I find Ben Stiller highly annoying, and still do.
This was a good movie. I'm glad I randomly came acrossed it on the shelf. I'll file it under "little boy adventure stories."

Based on the book by John Knowles, it is a story of an odd couple set of young friends. One a bookish play by the rules kind of guy, and the other a popular jock who lives on the edge. One of them shares a secret. A secret of an event that changes their lives forever.

It's a darker "Dead Poets Society" of sorts.
listen and find out
This is one of my favorite books. And it is the book that made me think "okay, BOCDs that aren't by David Sedaris aren't so bad afterall." I love the voice, the stories, the memories, and it is HILARIOUS. Check this book out now, and listen to it twice, and then tell your mom and your BFF to read it.