Reviews by manz
a world changing book
First published in 1984, Subway Art by Martha Cooper & Henry Chalfant changed the world of graffiti art forever. Their book and its photographs documented New York graffiti for the first time, which spurred a world-wide phenomenon that couldn't be stopped. Subway Art is the definitive book in graffiit art, best selling still in its 25th edition. This oversized edition features original and amazing two page photographs by Cooper & Chalfant, the dynamic duo of old school hip hop photography. In the scene, the book is known as "the bible," that "spreads the aerosol doctrine worldwide." Indeed. Read, look, be amazed.
i love this album
A snazzy little album from Ann Arbor's Mike Dykehouse, Midrange (Dykehouse's full length debut on Ghostly) will have you singing along, and stomping your feet, and droning off to melancholy happy land in no time. The shoegazey, droney, bedroom-pop will take you back to some early 90s music action, ala My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and Mary Chain. A beautiful album.
a good listen
A lovely follow up to their Alpinisms album, Disconnect from Desire is a worthy listen as well. I could put the first track "Windstorm" on repeat and listen to it forever.
yeah, i read it.
As I was reading this book and had to stick the bookmark in to do other things... my time away from the book had me thinking of it as a film on pause, it was quite strange, as I usually want to separate films from their books immediately, and this book wasn't even a film yet! So I'm not surprised it will be made into a movie soon. (As I read I was picturing Kate Winslet and Jude Law- so wrong! I know! But it crept in my brain early on. Because in my brain it was a movie before it was a book.)

That said, it's a love story, and I read it! It's not my usual cup of tea, love stories, but I was intrigued. Perhaps because it was set over a long time span starting in the 80s, perhaps some of it reminded me of elements of my own past. I'm not sure. I did enjoy the book, it was a quick read, and of course I cried at the end. It really makes you think of how much a person's life can change in a year, or how much it doesn't change in a year. It makes you look at life and wonder if you're evolving enough as the clock keeps ticking.
a hot album from the Cube
A pivotal album in the history of hip-hop, and Ice Cube's second album after leaving N.W.A. Cube does it in this album, which features one of the greatest rap diss songs of all time, "No Vaseline." The album is even more complete with a Big Bird sample!