Reviews by manz
great board book for babes
Such a vibrant, colorful picture book! Young readers into cars and things that go will dig it.
good YA read
This is a great YA read! It mixes the old tales of Grimm with present day. And throws in the ghost of Jacob Grimm, a crush, some missing kids, and some tasty treats. I really enjoyed this unique read.
Raffi kid songs are the best. They span the test of time and are loved by multiple generations. Thank you, Raffi!
Such a cute story. Great for preschoolers. It's funny and has a sweet ending.

Those mice! Always in fear of being eaten in picture books! :(
don't watch alone
Whoah! This show is suspenseful and freaky. A good thriller. You never know who is a serial killer in this show... as there are so many followers. Cool idea for a show.