Reviews by manz
say yes to hobbits
I loved this movie! This isn't saying much, but the filmmakers probably could have done anything and I would have liked it.

I don't like how they've turned The Hobbit into a trilogy, but I really enjoyed the first part and look forward to the next two. I love being back in the shire with the hobbits, meeting new characters, and going on new adventures.

I can't wait to watch the 2-disc special edition!
good chapter book
I liked this book, but I didn't love it like other folks did. It's a simple tale. But a unique one, and I think young animal lovers will enjoy the story of Ivan.
good holiday read
What a delightful set of short stories. Christmas eve in a small town during a blizzard makes for some interesting times for a group of teens. The three short stories end up intertwining some of the characters in a fun way. A good read if you're fans of these great YA authors, or just want to some holiday spirit books!
Funny picture book!
This is such a funny picture book! Both kids and grown-ups will enjoy reading it together. You'll discover what happens when you give spicy salsa to dragons who hate anything spicy. Beware of jalapenos!!
great for now!
I totally loved this book. I still liked "The Wednesday Wars" a bit more. But this was a great stand-alone novel, that also acts as a sequel to "Wednesday." This book focuses on one of the side characters in the previous novel. I love Gary Schmidt's writing, and the characters are such fun. It's great to get to read more about a background character from another book.