Reviews by manz
A Winner
A wonderful, beautiful picture book with a knitting theme. A great readaloud for the kiddies. I'd love to have a box that contained a neverending ball of yarn. I guess then I'd have to learn how to knit.
I wanted to like this book more than I did. I thought the characters were charming, and Fern was a fun main character. But when the "big thing" happens, I didn't want it to be what it was and I wasn't particularly in the mood for dealing with that kind of issue. I liked the family though, and the fact that it was partially set in the restaurant. I think this will appeal to certain teens, and hopefully if they read it they'll be more in the mood for it than I was.
Am I the only person to find this movie boring and hard to get into? I really wanted to like it.
I was underwhelmed with this film. I was intrigued with the topic and wanted more from the story. It lacked a certain spark. I preferred the documentary "After The Factory," also about Detroit (and comparison to Poland).
"In his third collection (after Some Ether), poet and memoirist Flynn succeeds at the nearly impossible task of writing political poetry about current events. In homage to Walt Whitman, another wartime poet, many poems address an unseen captain, "capt'n this morning six were found hanging/ in a room made completely of air." The poems are many-layered: themes of air, water, earth, and fire appear throughout the collection, as do specific lines. Flynn offers intriguing narratives, too: one tells of a latchkey boy who either sets his house or a young girl on fire after school one day. Or perhaps both: "the boy stood in the hot-hot room/ stammering I did stammering, I did stammering. /everything you say I did/ I did." In the series about Abu Ghraib, the writing becomes disconnected and occasionally difficult to follow: "My eyesight is years/ See up yes did this." But voice remains paramount and compelling as in this love poem: "let's hold each other/ ceaselessly/ your bed a box cut out of the sky." VERDICT A finely crafted collection that gives testimony to moral outrage and celebrates being human; not to be missed. [See Prepub Alert, 11/1/10.]-Doris Lynch, Monroe Cty. P.L., Bloomington, IN (c) Copyright 2011. Library Journals LLC."